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Glocall Telecom LLC, with a current licence pending regulatory approval from the Liberian Telecommunications Authority, is set to establish a newly formed ISP and ICT solutions provider in Monrovia Liberia, with the aim of increasing broadband penetration across the board.

After years of civil war and a rebuilding effort underway, Liberia growth is dependent upon viable ICT solutions to allow for businesses, communities and government to leverage the benefits of access to information and technology. To this end investment in core infrastructure is vital to establish a vibrant ICT sector in Liberia. With the landing of undersea Fibre optic cables and fibre rings in Monrovia, last mile access is required to fully utilize these resources and provide cost effective last mile connectivity solutions.

SMART TELECOM LIBERIA, a subsidiary of Glocall Telecoms LLC,  has been formed with the sole purpose of enabling cost effective broadband and ICT solution in the West African country, which until recently, being reliant on expensive  VSAT backhaul as the only trunking solution, has suffered from lack of backhaul access solution which would allow for a scalable deployment of next generation networks to serve the needs of local communities. With the landing  of the ACE fibre optic cable and other cables in the region , and abundant bandwidth now available, SMART TELECOMS LIBERIA seeks to leverage the newly found access to global bandwidth to build a viable  broadband network, serving communities and business in Monrovia, with a core focus on affordability and quality of service.


SMART TELECOMS LIBERIA seeks to position itself as an enabler of ICT solutions with ancillary services including, SMS aggregation and value added services, IP based voice services, City Wide hotspot solution, Video surveillance solutions  Web Hosting and Content Delivery networks, as well as investment in Education based ICT products and services, which would enable local business, government and communities to experience the growth opportunities usually associated with access to information and technology, spearheading the West African country onto the global market in years to come.

Project Type: Broadband network
Client: SMART TEELCOMS LIBERIA / Glocall Telecoms
Release Date: Q2 2014
Keywords: Broadband, Voice, ICT Solutions

With a Key focus on building a network in Monrovia Liberia, SMART TELECOMS GUINEA seeks to deploy a cost effective Next Generation Network, and pending regulatory approval form the Liberian Telecommunications Authority, intends to go live with a broadband network in Q2 2014 .