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Glocall Telecoms was commissioned as a managed service provider to facilitate Sahal Telecoms broadband and mobile plans including LTE deployment encompassing RF planning, BSS and other integration services to enable cost efficient broadband offerings in the region.

Sahal Telecoms, a Licensed operator in the Somali Republic,  provides ICT Solutions to the vibrant business and consumer sector within Somalia.

With the aim of proving quality ICT products and services, including Quality Broadband Internet Connectivity, Voice and Datacenter solutions, Sahal Telecoms seeks to establish itself as the service provider of choice in the local Somali landscape,enabling seamless connectivity to the global village.

Sahal Telecom Somalia, a Licensed ISP and Voice service provider ,providing Data and Voice service in Mogadishu and and surrounding regions is set to launch a High Speed Broadband network to serve the under-serviced Somali market.  A Next Generation Carrier Class Network , providing Data and Voice service,  has been launched to enable low cost voice and data services to enterprises, the public and government entities  which will spearhead the development of the Somali people who have been tormented by years of instability and high communication costs. A broadband roll out is underway which will cover 100% of Mogadishu and will be extended into other regions thereafter

Project Type: National Telecoms Network for Voice & Data Connectivity
Client: Glocall Telecoms/ Sahal Telecoms Somalia
Release Date: August 1, 2013
Keywords: ISP, Voice Network, Content Delivery

Commercial service including data and voice service are to be launched in 2013. Sahal Telecoms Somalia  is set to expand network offering in 2013 with trunking provided by SES and O3b Networks.With the expected landing of the EASSy fiber optic landing station to be completed in Mogadishu, Sahal Telecoms Somalia is set to provide the first carrier grade ISP network in Mogadishu. O3b Networks low latency trunking solution is set to allow for improved user experience for rich content delivery required in today’s global networks.