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Tales from the towers – Mogadishu


Tales from the towers – Mogadishu

The new Republic of Somalia with an official government for the first time in decades has brought about a mass migration of expats in the diaspora back into the republic.  This has brought with it the expectation of resilient networks in Mogadishu however many people returning home are left stranded in terms of internet availability, due to either the high costs involved or lack thereof.

While Hormuud, the largest mobile operator in Somalia, has launched 3G services since early 2013, the costs involved as well as network issues make it impossible to experience the rich media functionality expected by those expats returning home to build their country. Sahal Telecoms Somalia, a newly licences operator is planning to launch commercial services for its high speed broadband solutions, with the hope that it will enable the Somalia people with reliable, cost effective connectivity options, in order to stimulate growth in this sector, which until recently has been dominated by the global VSAT solution providers where costs are excessive and unaffordable for large scale uptake.