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About Us

Founded in 2007,  Glocall Telecoms has grown from a localized solution provider, developing business and consumer telecommunication solutions in the USA and South Africa, to a global voice, data and carrier solutions provider, with a core focus on Africa and emerging markets,  building Next Generation Voice and Data networks in under-serviced regions.


With operations in the USA, South Africa and subsidiaries in East and West Africa, including logo@x2Guinea (Conakry), Liberia, Gambia, Senegal, and Somalia, Glocall Telecoms seeks to position itself as an enabler of Next Generation ICT and Telecommunication products and solutions to local carriers,governments, businesses and consumers in these communities.


Our unique understanding of  the needs of communities, within the African context, allows us to deploy, viable, cost effective, and sustainable solutions, with due consideration of the challenges faced in emerging markets, combining next generation products and solutions from leading telecommunication vendors, with ancillary products and services, to produce tailored end user solutions for the African market, resulting in quick ROI for shareholders, while remaining cost effective, sustainable and future proof.

What We Do

Glocall Telecoms Invests in, Builds and Manages NGN Voice & Data networks in emerging markets, leveraging in country licences and partnerships, to deliver quality broadband & voice products, with a quick time to market and fast ROI.

Conception of products and solution for the African market utilizing next generation methodologies and architecture, enabling quick, cost effective solutions, while retaining rapid ROI and return for shareholders.

Products and solutions are designed with a cloud centric approach, leveraging relationships with key market vendors to design efficient networks, that would provide a migration path for future expansion plans, while still retaining consideration for immediate roll-out of network products & services on a least cost basis.

Development of ancillary energy, and access solution are key for a successful deployment of voice and data networks considering the determinant energy and access technologies available in the African context. The use of cost effective tablet computing devices, mobile access devices  and solar powered grassroots energy solutions, allow for the roll-out of workable products and solutions which hare not depended on the status quo evident in these market.

Frequently Asked Questions

With extensive experience in working in frontier and key African markets, we have an in depth understanding of the socio-economic and determinant market factors affecting businesses and consumers in the African context. Our experience allows us to bring to market effective, cost efficient solutions, for the price sensitive African user segments, while still allowing for quick ROI and return for shareholders.


With a cost and efficiency based focus to enabling new projects in key markets, Glocall Telecoms seeks out viable opportunities, and conceptualizes effective solutions tailored for the harsh realities evident in certain markets in Africa, while allowing for quick roll-out of products and services using effective methodologies.

Solutions are developed on a case by case basis with consideration for determinant factors in terms of cost and efficiency which are vital to success in African markets. Utilizing best of breed hardware and software solution with a cloud centric approach, allows us the flexibility to enable solution which are not reliant on in country staff experience, while leveraging global network operations and knowledge base.

While our core focus is Africa and emerging markets, our ability to leverage products and solutions form global vendors allows us to remain efficient and cost effective in selecting the appropriate products and solution on a case by case basis.

Our Work

Cloud Computing & Virtualization
Content Delivery Networks & End User Applications
Broadband & Data Networks
IP Voice & Mobile Networks

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Connecting the Global Village through high quality, innovative products, services and solutions, enabling governments, business and consumers with cost effective, Carrier Grade offerings.

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